Oracle Dragon Spotted!

A few years ago, a smaller miniatures company called Valiant Miniatures had a very neat idea for an outstanding miniature. They marketed it as “the biggest damn mini ever” and made it into a limited edition resin kit.

Then they unveiled Viszeralyn- the Oracle Greater Dragon. This miniature stands two feet tall, making most of Forge World and Ultraforge seem just a touch small.

If my memory serves me correctly, this mini was sculpted by Sandra Garrity (known for her work in Ral Partha, Reaper, Granadier, Ironwind and more). The run was limited to 500 total miniatures. When the Paizo Publishing store ran out, they put it on re-order status and just left it there for the past couple years.

But there is good news. If anyone wants one of these mamoth beasts, right now the Coolminornot Store has three of them. Without the elaborate description or size comparison photos, no one on that store knows that this mini is the biggest mini ever.

I hope that they can keep those in stock until I have a spare $250 for a mini like this.

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