Avatars of War looking for feedback on the new Minotaur Lord

Avatars of War has released images of a new mini in progress on their forum. They’re currently looking for feedback on this mini:

They’re looking to see if anyone has ideas regarding the armor this mini should be wearing, how much fur he ought to have, any possible weapon options he should have and where details like spikes and skulls should go.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, make sure you let them know.

Avatars of War is Felix Paniagua’s personal line of miniatures. Felix is responsible for sculpting a lot of our favorite miniatures, including a lot of Dragonblood orcs, and a good number of Hordes Trollkin (my favorite of his is Grim Angus). Avatars is a line of brilliantly detailed sculpts that work well as heroes for Warhammer Fantasy, characters for role-playing or really just minis to challenge the painter. They have some very brilliant mini in their line, and I suspect this minotaur will end up on par with Felix’ excellent line.

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