New Space Hulk Terminators

I recently finished a commission to do all of the terminators from Games Workshop’s new version of Space Hulk.

The difference between the minis is night and day. Of course, I should expect that from the twenty year gap between the original Space Hulk and this new set.

The minis fit together a little like the Black Reach or Battle for Macragge box sets. They can snap together and fit very tight. If you aren’t going to paint them, they probably don’t even need glue.

But unlike the Battle For Macragge and Black Reach marines, these Blood Angels are stuffed with crazy details and individuality. In the box, there are 12 Blood Angels terminators, and each and every one of them is a unique sculpt, with heraldry and character all his own.

So here is the set I’ve painted. Note that I did not paint the Genestealers for this client, and also he was planning on using them in his Warhammer 40,000 force, so he is likely going to mount them on larger bases himself.

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