Warmachine Mark II full rules are out of the bag!

Privateer Press have done something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen from a miniatures company. They have just released the full rules for their 2nd edition version of Warmachine (due to be released next January).

You can download the full rulebook and complete stat cards as two separate PDFs from their website.

From the announcement, it seems as though all of the rampant speculation from the Privateer Press forums (and people bothering him at conventions) has led Matt Wilson to get a little frustrated. I think I can understand why he’d want to put a stop to the speculative doomsaying, I really never expected them to release the actual rules like this.

Anyway, I haven’t finished reading any of the rules yet, but summaries from the forum tell me that there are some substantial changes.*

A lot of individual minis have been altered quite a bit since the Mark II field test last April. Many units have had a power boost, some have had a power drop. Most fixes are slight compared to the field test. The new point system is now in place (allowing for more fungibility in force creation) and the new rules for unit coherency allow for units to move as circles around their commander instead of in lines.

Perhaps the most significant thing to come out of this, though is the announcement that the Hordes Mark II field test will be for official tournament use until the released of the finished rules and stat cards. Matt Wilson claims that this is because Hordes cards aren’t going to change as much as Warmachine cards have, but it is kind of nice that Hordes won’t have to be in limbo for six to nine months.

We’ll see how that pans out. I’ll go back to reading all of the cards now.

*Don’t believe too much of what you read on the forums, a lot of those posters were just skimming the rules and misread something. Rather, download the file and see for yourself.

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