Cake Toppers are Minis Too!

So, a little while ago I was commissioned to do something rather extraordinary: I was commissioned to convert and paint a set of cake toppers!

The bride was to be a zombie, and the groom was to be a post apocalypse survivor with a gas mask. Truly, one of the greatest projects of all time.

So I went to work on it. First I got the cake topper, and started up on the conversion. Sculpting the bride into a zombie was a lot of fun. I cut most of her hair and a lot of her face off so that I could show the skin peeling off and the muscle, brain or other gore underneath. I re-sculpted all of her hair and veil as well, since it just didn’t fit in otherwise.

The groom had to be geared out, full gloves and boots, along with a few extras, but his big event was his gas mask and oxygen tank.

The colors for the painting was all on request. As I understand it, the groom wore a red and white stripped tie to the wedding, and the bride wore a red dress. I was already a fan of these people before I knew that, but honestly, they’re awesome.

I had to hold off on posting these when I did them because the cake topper was a surprise for her. Since the happy couple is now married, I can post all I want.

So, here are some pics of the finished topper:

And after the wedding, I received this picture of the cake topper in action. I am told that it was a big hit.

Best wishes to the happy couple, and thank you for letting me do this project.

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  1. I love it! Such originality, so romantic. The Zombie has got a certain flame in her eyes, very un-zombie but they're getting married so I guess it's a certain occasion 😉

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