Another set of Praetorian Imperial Guardsmen

Here is another set of Classic Praetorian Guardmen- this commission follows several others- you can see those here and here.

Overall, I think these paintjobs are very focused on the faces of the Praetorians. They are rather expressive and characterful minis, and they have such nice style in that Imperial Underdog kind of way. Here is a good shot that shows off the face quite well.

Anyway, this banner bearer comes from a time before banners were part of the sculpts, so it is entirely composed of greenstuff and freehand.

This squad of Praetorians were converted to wear carapace armor- that way they can be used as storm troopers or veterans.

My client is responsible for the conversion on this old school sentinel. Yeah, when this guy was made, the sentinels had assault cannons rather than the mediocre multilazers they now use.

It was a simple case of swapping out the sentinel driver for the upper body of a Praetorian gunner. I think they designed sentinels that way on purpose, because this way every Imperial Guard regiment can have sentinels attachec wthout a lot of work.

And, of course, where would any Imperial Guard regiment be without their tanks?

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