Well… what do you do with your tenticle pink? 1

So, I recently finished a commission for some Khadoran Winter Guard all dressed in Pink and White.

This is actually the second commission I’ve done for this same force, but I unfortunately did not get any pictures of the Iron Fang Pikemen (there used a lovely cupcake design on their banner instead of the Khadoran triangle emblem).

It has become a strangely common practice to paint Warmachine and Hordes minis in Pink. I think this is largely due to Devilsquid’s efforts on the Privateer Press Forums to raise breast cancer awareness, and people like Igor K. who revel in the irony.

These are more of the revel in the irony kind of minis. There is just something wonderful about painting minis pink. Something terrific an ironic and everything great.

But there is something distressing about this also. I only have one pot of the much maligned Tenticle Pink left. Of course, this pot has lasted me many years (mostly by being one of the least used colors in my box- I honestly can’t blame whoever chose to discontinue it).

I guess that really only means that I’ll have to find a different way to pull off those bright pinks. I’m sure it won’t be that hard.

One comment on “Well… what do you do with your tenticle pink?

  1. Jyggdrasil Nov 9,2009 7:35 pm

    They are beautiful, in a car-crash kind of way.

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