Privateer Press, along with the release of Warmachine MK II, have started releasing re-sculpts of their older warcasters. So far, it looks as though the first four warcasters from each of the original four factions will be getting a resculpt.

It makes sense. A lot of those older warcasters come from a time when Privateer Press hadn’t pinned down the scale of the miniatures they were using. A few of those older minis looked very small next to the post scale creep minis they’ve released more recently.

Well, I recently got my first commission to paint one of these new minis:

I think the Butcher mini was probably the least out of scale of all of those old warcasters. He was a giant of a man, and the original sculpt made him stand out pretty well.

Now, we’ve got a new version of him that is noticeably larger, and far more dynamically posed. While most of the details on the armor, axe and coat have remained the same, the face stands out as a vast improvement over the original. he is far more expressive than he was.

Overall, I think that these new sculpts are a good enough excuse to release some fine miniatures. I look forward to painting some of the others.

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