Extreme Behemoth Conversion

Privateer Press’ line of “Extreme Sculpts” has been pretty fantastic to us. The first one, the Dire Troll Mauler was a fantastically iconic mini that just begged to be painted and made into an army’s centerpiece.

The addition of the Juggernaut extreme to the line erupted something new. This warjack featured removable everything (even the axe in his hand was a separate piece, as were his fingers). Also, around half of all Khadoran warjacks use the same hull as the Juggernaut, so with just a little conversion work, it was possible to get an extreme Destroyer, Maurader, Decimator, Kodiak and Beast 09.

Of course, if you were to do all of that, your force would dwarf any other warjacks you brought. Sure, that’s ok if you’re bringing Berzerkers along- they’re the lightest Khadoran warjacks after all. But what about the Behemoth? It is meant to dwarf all those around it.

That is one of the reasons that a few people have created the Extreme Behemoth. I made the one featured below for a client. Using the main hull of the extreme Juggernaut, and after that, I threw in a few bits from the Behemoth (the head, arm pistons and guns on his shoulders).

There’s some green stuffing I had to do to fill in the gaps, and on the pistons on the arms, there was a little extra cutting to make them fit.

The guns on his shoulders increase his size just enough that he does look right in an all extreme force. Of course, if your army isn’t all about the extremes, he’s still appropriately sized- just way bigger than anyone else.

Anyway, here he is:

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