Wereshark 2

There’s a certain amount of craziness that you can normally expect in miniatures painting. I mean, I’ve painted up a gnomish bard to look like Willie Nelson for a Texan player.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a mini that is just so uniquely crazy as Jason Wiebe’s Wereshark (produced by Reaper).

The mini itself has wonderful musculature, a good pose and a lot of character. The only thing that throws everyone for a loop is the fact that it is a wereshark- and that alone brings up all kinds of questions.

I mean, first you figure the guy was bitten by a shark and lived. I guess that puts most weresharks into the missing a limb category. On top of that, does he have to run off to the ocean every full moon? And if not, does he ever turn into full shark form?

Most of what Reaper produces in their Dark Heaven lineup are wonderful miniatures to use in fantasy role playing games- especially Dungeons and Dragons. Now, I haven’t read every book, but I am completely in the dark about anyone making rules for a wereshark.

If I ever get my meremaid campaign together, the party is totally running into one.

2 thoughts on “Wereshark

  1. Ben Feb 24,2010 7:50 pm

    There are rules in the old Werewolf setting in White Wolf's World of Darkness. I love this model, and have had it for a while. I believe he's going to see life as a minotaur.

    Nice paint job, as always!

  2. Drew Olds Feb 25,2010 5:07 pm

    That's right, old World of Darkness stuff was totally out of control.

    I know that there's a shifters book for New World of Darkness, I wonder if there are sharks in there.

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