New 30mm Star Wars minis

Back when I first started painting miniatures, there were some Star Wars minis I picked up. I thought that was a great idea, I loved Star Wars and there was just no reason why minis of those characters couldn’t work.

Now, that line of minis wasn’t great quality- all of my storm troopers helmets were lopsided or a little flat. But I still maintain that there was simply no reason why Star Wars shouldn’t have great minis.

Well, Knight Models has just released the first four in a new line of 30mm Star Wars miniatures, and from the pics, they look great.

Knight Models has a large line of licensed miniatures- mostly in 70mm. Their quality is quite good (I’ve had a look at their Wolverine sculpt: he’s pretty fantastic). They actually have had some 70mm Star Wars minis out and about also, but this is the first time since the early nineties that we’ve had pewter, paintable playable Star Wars minis.

So go check out their first four.

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