Hollywood is a funny business…

So, before we go anywhere with this, have you heard about the upcomming Monsterpocalypse film? You haven’t? Well, I suppose you could go check out that Deadline New York article.

Ok, so you’re done. So what do we know about this film? Well, from that article, I gleaned that it most likely won’t be happening at all. Movie studios work that way- they option the rights for lots of properties (at relatively cheap prices) and then sell those rights to one another at a profit. Every studio has tons of rights to make lots of adaptations at any given moment, but they don’t have the money to make large production films of even a tenth of them.

Currently, there is a chance (a 5-10% chance) that Monsterpocalypse will become a film right now, and there wasn’t before. That’s the good news.

The article also tells us that someone wishes Tim Burton would sign onto the project. I’m pretty sure that half the blockbuster films that get made wish they had Tim Burton on their project, though, so it doesn’t really mean anything. And even though MonPoc is big news in the gaming community, Burton has probably never heard of it.

Compare that kind of name suggesting against the actual names we have working on the upcomming Ultramarines Movie. Directed by Martyn Pick, produced by David Kerney and Bob Thompson. Does everyone and their dog know who these people are? No, but that’s because they aren’t just names on someone’s wish list for a project that hasn’t solidified yet.

Now, Ultramarines is pretty far into production- but it is still a film that may never happen. Games Workshop has had film projects like it fizzle in the past. Does anyone remember Blood Quest?

Anyway, for right now I’m thinking of this film as a vapor project- at least until production starts in earnest and they have any names of real people working on teh project.

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