The Ghillie Suit

So, I recently finished a commission to convert and paint a Salamanders version of Sergeant Telion (originally of the Ultramarines). The most eccentric part of this conversion was putting Telion into a Ghillie Suit.

For those of you who don’t know, a ghillie suit is a set of clothes interwoven with grass, leaves and moss that is often worn by snipers and hunters wishing to conceal themselves. The point of a ghillie suit is that it uses the natural surroundings to conceal the sniper (making it quite a bit better than normal camouflage).

In order to show this in the conversion, I made sure to highlight the terrain on the base. I gave Telion a scenic base with several varied elements creating something of a mini-diorama.

As with all camouflage on minis, I had to make sure not to make it too realistic. Telion has some very bright colors showing, making sure that the mini would pop despite his concealing cloak.

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