So, Reaper has posted up their cover to the new expansion for their tabletop miniatures game, Warlord.

I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Well, Reaper makes great D&D minis, but do people actually play their game?” Sure, maybe no one plays locally, but that’s not a reason to blow off this news.

Look at it this way, Reaper has stayed in the business with an outstanding fan base- and they get the vast majority of that through simply making great minis for painting.

So, when Reaper decides that they’re going to be making eight new factions for Warlord, that’s eight new lines of great minis we’ll be seeing. And that is fantastic news to me.

The new factions are:

Bloodstone Gnomes
Wood Elves of Tembrithil
Dark Elves of the Darkreaches
Dwarves of Kragmarr
Black Orcs of Kargir
Frost Giants of Icingstead
Koborlas of the Nornwood
Sisterhood of the Blade

Just to make sure you caught it- there will be a Frost Giant faction. For everyone who thought that Derek Schubert’s Frost Giant Queen wasn’t enough, and that Tre Manor’s charging Frost Giant Warrior left you wanting more, have no fear. We’ll be seeing a lot of these from Reaper soon.

And if you haven’t seen those two minis before, here they are: