Privateer Press previews mini-warpwolves

For everyone who has been interested in the Circle of Oboros warpwolf minis, Privateer Press has just previewed the miniatures for their very first non-warbeast warpwolves- called Warpborn Skinwalkers. Their fluff makes them sound like a sort of half-warpwolf unit (they are partially transformed into warpwolves, but not to the point where they decide to stop wearing clothing and using weapons).

The minis overall look rather nice, and these are definitely a type of wolf man that looks a little less Confrontation inspired. I’ll really enjoy doing up these guys in my Circle colors.

This, of course, puts us one large step closer to having an all Warpwolf theme force (or two) in the upcoming Forces of Hordes: Circle Oboros book.

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