Tor Gaming releases Growler type orcs

Tor Gaming have just released some pretty nice looking minis they’re calling “Orcnar Unmanns.” Of course, there’s just no way that I can look at something like this and not say “Dude, that’s a Growler!”

On the other hand, there’s simply nothing wrong with looking like a growler. I mean, Privateer Press has been doing it with their Dire Trolls for a while now (although I’m not sure whether the original pictures by Brian Snoddy came before or after Vor: the Maelstrom).

Of course, Vor: the Maelstrom was discontinued when FASA dropped out of the sky, but Ironwind Metals has picked up the slack if you’re interested in the old minis.

Now, I have to say, I’m not at all disappointed to see new minis that look like Growlers. I think they look like some very fine minis, and I hope to paint some up soon.

Maybe I could use those to start up a new force for when we finally see the release of VOR 2.0.

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