Ok, I got back from Gencon, and I’ve got tons of things to share with all of you.

First off, I’ve got to say that the GNinja award for best booth goes to the team over at Coolminiornot.com. The Coolmini team was representing Dark Age miniatures, Soda Pop, Scibor, Enigma, Studio McVey and tons of other great lines.

And aside from inviting one of the world’s greatest mini painters to do demos for all of us (Natalya Melnik, by the way, is great) they also had two demos going and a number of outstanding announcements.

For example, I got to see the Black and White proof for the new Dark Age rulebook. The new edition of the game will be converting everything into inches for us. Also, just so that you know, they’ve decided to post the quick start rules for free download (containing 36 pages out of their fairly short rulebook) along with the new force lists (from a second, very large forces book). Pretty nice stuff.

Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with Dark Age’s miniatures, they are quite fine.

Not to be eclipsed, Soda Pop miniatures announced two new games- one for their existing line of anime inspired miniatures, and one to support a brand new line of chibi minis.

The new line of chibi miniatures is called “Super Dungeon Explore.” Honestly, if you have ever wondered why there weren’t minis that look like Link and Zelda, this is something you need to check out.

The booth had a demo of a more rough ruleset for Super Dungeon, but the Sodapop guys are much further along in their other game, called “Relic Knight.”

Relic Knight will be a small scale skirmish game, and after picking the brain of one of Sodapop’s owners, I found out that it is really going to move. They wanted to simulate the way that combat in anime often moves very quickly, with some of the characters bouncing off of buildings and tearing towards each other at crazy high speeds.

Honestly, in the end it will all depend on how strong the finished rules actually are. But it does look like Relic Knight will be bringing something to the table that no other skirmish tabletop game is, and that’s exciting.