Ok, I have seen a lot of odd minis in my time.  Miniatures sculptors, like all artists, are an odd bunch and really like to push away from what is standard and what is normal.

When they do, we get some pretty outstanding miniatures.  Like Dark Age’s Contradiction, Yannik Hannebo’s Beauty and the Bot, or Kev White’s series of Libby miniatures.  Great artistic renderings, all of them.  Also, these are very strange minis.

But Emanuele Giovagnoni has presented to us one of the strangest concepts I’ve ever seen for a miniture.  Here is “Grace is Gone” or the pregnant cyborg:

the pregnant cyborge

the pregnant cyborg

Beautiful sculpting work gave her this delicate pose that combines like eerily well with the Giger style tubes and metal plates.

But I’ll say it again:  this is the strangest concept ever.  By the way, you can get her from the Cool Mini store if you like strange.  I know I do.