New Monsterpocalypes Greens

There’s been a bit of hubub surrounding Monsterpocalypse lately.  After the release of the Voltron two player game over the summer, it seems they haven’t slowed down.  They have two player starter sets designed to look like the Voltron set (you get two random monsters from different factions, and a set of minions from the same faction).

What with the film that might actually get made (it has progressed from the “who knows” stage to the “pretty likely” stage) there’s been a lot of hubub.

But what I’m excited about are the minis.  While their pre-paints aren’t always the best, Monpoc has released a good number of wonderful minis for repainting.

They’ve just posted up a bunch of new greens for us to have a look.

By the way, there’s something odd about that page.  In the description, it sounds as though Privateer Press is working with the movie people to create some of the new Monpoc stuff.

That makes me wonder if we’re going to actually get miniatures based off of Tim Burton artwork.  Makes me wonder.

Anyway, here are the greens:

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