Eldrad’s still got it after all of these years

I first became interested in wargamming when I was much younger.  I was a little intimidated by Warhammer 40,000 because all you could buy was the book.  I knew I wanted to play the game, but I also knew that the rules didn’t come with any minis, so it seemed like an incomplete game to me.

I finally decided that I could pick the game up when Games Workshop announced that they were releasing a “Boxed Edition” of 40k.  I still think it is strange that no one called it the 2nd ed back then, and honestly I was a little surprised that the rules were so different from the Rogue Trader.

Anyway, shortly after that, Games Workshop started up their codex system of updating force lists, and the first two they did were the Space Wolves and Eldar.

And in those books, we had some of the first special characters for 40k.  Before them, there was  Commissar Yarrik and Ghazkull Thrakka, but those two codecies  made it standard.

Also, a lot of the Space Wolf special characters have never had a mini update (unlike Thrakka and Yarrik).  Some of the Eldar characters could probably use an update (Jane Zarr still has the most incredible mullet).  I think the most impressive one is Eldrad Ulthuan.

For a while, Eldrad was the standard mini you’d use for a farseer.  GW had released a non-character farseer mini, but it was so inferior to this one that everyone just assumed they’d use this.  The practice spread even more widely when GW made the special characters illegal in competitive play, but allowed the minis to represent your non-special characters.

Anyway, I got to paint up some of the old characters recently.  Eldrad here followed the same color scheme that we first saw back in the 2nd ed Eldar codex.  Here he is:


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