Ok, the miniatures gaming world has two fairly important bits of news.

1- Privateer Press have just had a big update to their FAQ and Errata documents.  Privateer Press have consistently been very good with updating their rules set as new problems arise, and so most likely the problems you might have had will be covered in their new document.

2- Mantic Games has found a new way to push their recently released Kings of War rules set forward.  Only this time, it isn’t a PDF document, it is a free set of rules with any order of any kind from their store.  It doesn’t even have to be miniatures, you may have simply bought

Mantic Games has been supplying us with some pretty nice plastic kits for about a year, and it looks as though they’re still growing.  Their miniatures are all very compatible with Warhammer Fantasty Battle, but with their own rules set, the possibilities have just opened up.