Warmachine Battle Engines

This week, Privateer Press announced that they’ll be previewing a new kind of model for Warmachine:  the Battle Engine.

So far, the only thing we know about these new minis that we haven’t seen before is their size:  they are huge!  Normally Warmachine miniatures have a maximum base size of 50mm, but these monstrosities will be totting massive 120mm bases.  Just have a look at this comparison picture:

And they’re made from resin.  This isn’t the first of Privateer Press’ resin miniatures- the Extreme Titan Gladiator was a resin kit (and a very large one at that).  But the titan is really a collector’s piece- more like their older Denegra statue.

Now, it remains to be seen just how a 120mm based miniature will affect the game.  I’m personally a little skeptical that ginormous battle engines will be adding all that much to a very fine game, but Privateer Press have surprised me before with great results for ideas that seemed like they wouldn’t work.  So let’s wait and see how they turn out.

Oh, and they’re posting a new piece of concept art for a battle engine every day this week.  Head on over to the Privateer Insider Blog to see what they’re cooking up next.

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