I’ve been working on a Magnus the Traitor battlegroup for a little while now, and it has been going pretty well.  This project started when I just wanted to paint up a random Nomad that I had, and then continued through a Mangler for one of No Quarter Magazine’s monthly competitions.

After I finished the Epic version of Magnus for the P3 painting competition, and almost everything else in for the battlegroup, I eventually got around to painting the non-epic form.

One of the main reasons I didn’t use this version of Magnus for the competition is his pose.  His pose is huddled close to his sword- far less dramatic than the epic form.  To combat this, I gave him a far busier paint job than the epic form had.

The biggest difference is the hazard striping on his shoulderpads.  Those go a long way to break the mini up and create a sense of movement in the composition.  For the same reason, I tried to emphasize his flowing cloak by adding in the dirt effects at the bottom.

Anyway, here he is: