Honestly, looking through the Studio McVey line, you’ll find all sorts of minis that are meant for painting and nothing else.  Mike and Ali McVey know what great miniatures are, and they get some of the best sculptors in the industry to make some of the most creative miniatures you’ll ever see.

The latest addition to their range is Ruby.  I suppose that she could be used as a PC for anyone playing Broncosaurus Rex (or another setting inspired by Valley of the Gwangi).    But there really just will never be a lot of call for a cowgirl riding a dinosaur.

Even if you’ll never use it, this mini is fantastic.  The composition, attention to detail and even the setting details (like the armor plates) are just perfect.

Have a look for yourself.  And stop wondering why Studio McVey took three first places for the Table Tog Gaming News Editor’s choice best mini of 2010.

Cowgirl riding a dinosaur