How’s Wyrd?

Wyrd miniatures has earned their reputation for great miniatures.  Sure, they have stiff competition for the best minis out there, but they have earned a place as one of the very top producer of fine miniatures for the painter.

Then they decided to make a game to go with their rules, which is an interesting game.  Each figure is made to stand out on the battlefield as pretty unique, and it helps that every unit is a solo character.

The trouble with the thing is, they had some horrible organization in their rulebook, and some issue desperately needed errata.  Wyrd were ok with making errata (they have some pretty detailed FAQs and errata PDFs online) but the disorganization is a real hamper on the game.

If you ever had to play Warmachine when their Line of Sight rules were 100% in the errata PDF, you’ll know what kind of a pain it is to have that kind of rules disorganization.

Well, just recently I got my Malifaux version 2 cards in the mail (Wyrd lets you swap your old cards for new ones with errata included).  Today, we’ll be getting our hands on the Malifaux rules manual- a more organized version of the core game rules.

Honestly, it looks to me like Malifaux has a grand future from this.  And that’s great, because it means that those beautiful Wyrd miniatures are going to stick around.


On a side note, they’re also conducting their playtest for their upcoming Puppet Wars game.  It is too late to join the playtest, but I’m definitely going to check this game out (I saw the minis at Gencon… cute and creepy and awesome).

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