Get yourself some Crawling Chaos

Privateer Press posted up their preview of the Legion of Everblight’s future battle engine.  They’re calling it the Throne of Everblight.

I think I might call it “the Crawling Chaos of Everblight.”  It might be that I’m in the middle of playing Cthulhu Saves the World, but there just seems to be something Lovecraftian about it, don’t you think?

For comparison, take a look at this Nyarlathotep statue:



I could see more Lovecraftian styled Everblight.

As of right now, I understand that Privateer Press’ policy is still to release one book every year, and this year it is a Warmachine book.  It is possible that we’ll get to see this in its full resin glory before 2012, but I’m not counting the days just yet.

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