Smartmax is taking pre-orders for the Thirteenth Hour


Ok, maybe I wasn’t keeping up, but I didn’t even know that Smartmax was interested in making games to go with their miniatures. They’ve been making such absolutely fantastic Victorian Horror minis that I just missed it entirely.

One of the strangest things is that their whole line of miniatures is at 1/35 scale- approximately 54mm.  Really, I haven’t seen anyone try to make a game using larger scale minis since Games Workshop gave up on Inquisitor.

Still, if you’re interested in painting some outstanding minis at that scale, they have them.

If you’re interested, they’re taking orders on their game.  They’ve called it the Thirteenth Hour, and at least the mood on their website is very strong.  It will be a small scale skirmish game (which is good, because there was no way anyone was going to field a force of fifty 1/35 minis).

Of course, you might not need to have an interest in the game to want to paint some of those beauties.


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