News from Lock and Load

So, Privateer Press had their very first Lock and Load con last weekend, and they used the time to make a number of interesting announcements:

– Next year, they are going to start up a new science fiction line of miniatures called “Level 7.”  Absolutely no details were announced. I mean it, right now it could be a science fiction line of space or naval combat minis or a post apocalyptic setting featuring tribes of school children fighting against cannibal robots.

-2012 will see the release of a new Hordes and Warmachine book (this seems to be the new format).  And it will see the first characters to become twice Epic.  Asphyxious and Lylith will both be making the cut.

-A new Bodgers game called “Heap” will be coming up.

– Gencon 2012 will see the release of the new Iron Kingdoms RPG.  The Iron Kingdoms started out as a D20 setting, but went out of print when Wizards of the Coast updated the system into 4th ed.  The older books have been made available online, and through leaked information we knew that Privateer Press was working on their own system, and that said system would be loosely based on the Warmachine rule set.

Of course, they were simultaneously working on updating Warmachine and Hordes into Mark II, and releasing a book every month of 2010, and everyone knows what is going to get priority.

I’ve been playing in a long term Iron Kingdoms game for quite some time now.  We just finished off one of our campaigns, and are just about to start another one this Thursday.  We’ve updated the rules into Pathfinder, but I would definitely be interested in seeing what PP does with their own system.

Oh, and here are some minis I made for our last campaign.  These are Giants- a powerful race that so far hasn’t made any appearance in Warmachine or Hordes.  They are each converted from Reaper miniatures.




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