Well, I’ve painted up my first of the new war engines from Privateer Press, and I have it here to show off.

Looking over the rules, I’m rather glad that a war engine isn’t really much different from a heavy warjack- and not an especially huge one at that. It would be easy to make these game breaking pieces, but so far I haven’t seen a force that can’t live without them.

The base is the size of a CD- so that should give you a sense of scale. If you’d prefer to have them compared against another miniature- this gun carriage is altogether about the size of a Space Marine rhino- actually a little smaller in total volume.

It is cast in total resin, and has tons more detail on it than the rhino kit, but that’s the scale of it. Really huge for a Warmachine mini, but it isn’t like we haven’t seen minis be this big before.

Anyway, here he is: