Confrontation Returns!

No one was really all that surprised when Rackham games went out of business.  The game manufacturer had once been one of the pillars of the miniatures industry- but then they lost it all when they decided to discontinue their extremely high quality range of miniatures so that they could replace it with pre-painted plastics.

Their pre-paints were good, for pre-paints.  But they were horrid compared against the minis Rackham used to make.

Recently, Legacy Miniatures got the rights to produce the entire range of Confrontation minis– so all of those beautiful miniatures will be coming back.  And they’ve made a deal with Cool Mini to produce and sell them in the US.

We’ll be seeing the first of these at Gencon this year.  They’ll be cast in resin (rather than the unique pewter blend that Rackham used to use).  No word has come out as far as rulebooks are concerned, I’ll be keeping my eye out for that.

Of course, I’ll be enjoying painting up some of these beauties in the mean time.  They’re even going to be producing some rare minis that never made it to market while Rackham was alive.

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