Super Dungeon Pre-orders are up

Although a lot of people had the opportunity to pre-order their copies of Super Dungeon Explore at Gencon and Pax, there are many more people who either don’t go to the cons, or didn’t pre-order there.

Finally, Sodapop Miniatures have opened up for general pre-orders. And if you did not attend the cons, this will probably be your only chance to get the limited edition SDE version of Candy and Cola.


For those of you who’ve missed the hype, Super Dungeon Explore is a miniatures board game dungeon crawler in the tradition of such classics like Space Crusade or Heroquest, with a bit more of a Gauntlet feel.

From their Gencon demo, I could tell that the guys at Soda Pop really know what they’re doing- and they’ve made a dungeon crawler that doesn’t take itself too seriously. ┬áThe game comes with over fifty super cute chibi heroes and monsters, along with a fairly large dragon as a boss fight.

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