Squad Lorenzo

Well, I finally finished all of Squad Lorenzo from my own Space Hulk set.  I get distracted away from these projects of mine, sometimes it really takes me longer than it should.


Frequent readers will remember Sergeant Lorenzo


Brother Zael with his heavy flamer and lots of flammable parchment.


Brother Deino- one of the more plain Space Hulk minis from this edition (not saying a whole lot there).


Brother Goriel- who it seems has been more successful in close combat than I’d usually give the marines credit for.


And Brother Omnio.  According to the fluff in the rulebook, Omnio is actually part of Squad Gideon, and Brother Valencio is part of Squad Lorenzo.  However, every last scenario calls for squad Lorenzo to have three marines with power fists and storm bolters, and always puts the chainfist in squad Gideon.

So, Brother Omnio has been conscripted.


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