Ok, Alien Dungeon isn’t a company that has made much of a splash for itself. You probably haven’t heard of them. And the name Fanticide doesn’t mean much to anyone right now. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it isn’t even a word.

But the names Rick Priestly, Andy Chambers, Earnest Baker and Alessio Cavatore are well known among people who have played Games Workshop games over the years.

Rick Priestly is the man who made Warhammer what it is, and more recently is responsible for the award winning Hail Caesar historical rules set (and Black Powder too).

Andy Chambers was responsible for some of Warhammer 40,000’s best years and updates, and had a big hand in Necromunda. More recently, he is the lead designer for the science fiction World War II game Dust Warfare.

Alessio Cavatore designed some great rules for GW’s Lord of the Rings line (like making Tom Bombadil somehow work in a miniatures game without breaking the fluff). He is the lead designer for Mantic Games’ Kings of War.

Ernest Baker- there’s a name I didn’t know before now. He was a general manager of North American sales for Games Workshop also, and is now running Robot Peanut Studios. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from them in the future.

So, what do you get when you put all of these people together? Well, apparently, it involves flying monkeys in a place called Nowhere.

Flying Monkeys

Really, I’m curious to see how all of the rules and world look in the end. It sounds like they’ll have a number of interesting new rules, including event cards and rules to design your own units (to include miniatures from other ranges). Right now, I’m keeping my eye on this one.