Sedition Wars up on Kickstarter

For those of you who do not already know, Studio McVey is responsible for arguably the finest miniatures available anywhere. Just take a look at their Limited Edition Resins line, and you’ll see some of the very best work by some of the very best sculptors in the industry (like Kev White, Yannick Hannebo and Jaques Alexander Gillois). And the concepts are always so original too (my favorite is Ruby, the velociraptor riding cowgirl).

They are currently branching out and creating a science fiction board game featuring nano-virus zombie-mutants fighting against the desperate human soldiers. Of course, the sculpts we’ve seen for this have all been excellent (and at least most are Kev White pieces).

They’re funding the production run through Kickstarter and publishing the game with Cool Mini or Not, and it looks like they’re keeping the bang for your buck ideology that Super Dungeon established.

The rewards look pretty nice so far (you could simply use it to pre-order the game, or to get other goodies) and it is currently half way to its goal with more than a month left.

And if you have quite a bit of money for this, you could get yourself a full set painted by Mike and Ali McVey.  For $3,000, it is actually a pretty good deal, all things considered.

Sedition Wars on Kickstarter

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