Gencon Painting Awards

Well, I’m back from Gencon, and every year it takes me a little while to get through all of the blogging that I want to do.

This year is no different, so expect me to talk about little else for about a week.

First off- the Gencon Indy Miniatures Painting Competition. This year, the competition was good to me, and I walked away with a first place and third place:

Here’s a Ramos crew that I painted up that won the Unit category.

Ramos Crew


Wyrd miniatures wasn’t adding their prize support to the competition this year (which is odd for them, it really is).  However, when I stopped by their booth to show off my trophy, there was a little bit of stealth prize support.  I’ll show that one off when I get it painted.


I also won third place in the Large Miniatures category with my Super Dungeon Explore Rex:


I’ll get photos of him without glare soon.  I think it will have to be followed by a write up on how I painted the bruises and cuts.

Overall, the competition was pretty tight, and I got some pointers from Amy Steppman about how I could improve my entries for next year.  I already have a lot of ideas brewing.

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