A Black Dragon from Wizards of the Coast

I thought I would share this here- it is an older miniature from Wizards of the Coast that is no longer in production.

Although some of you may recognize it as Wizard’s black dragon, it is not the iconic one from the pre-painted D&D miniatures range. Rather, it is made of pewter (and is very heavy) and is supplied without a base.

Here’s where some of my more strange knowledge comes up. CDs are just perfect for Gargantuan sized creatures, and are also exactly the same size and Privateer Press’ new 120mm bases. That is what he is mounted on.

As a side note, mini CDs are the size of 80mm bases, and are a perfect fit for the new 80mm bases from Coolmini’s games (Relic Knights and Dark Age).

Anyway, here’s the mini.  I used a tinge of green to make the black stand out and pop while still looking like a natural creature.

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