Plastic Cavalry for Warmachine

Ok, Privateer Press has been moving a lot of their most expensive metal kits to plastic. So far, most Warjacks and bulkier infantry have moved in that direction.

The biggest hole in their plastic setup right now is their Cavalry. These units cost well over a hundred dollars for a full unit of five- a price point that has kept some of the people I know from playing cavalry.

Well, Privateer Press just gave us a preview for new Cygnaran light cavalry- some pretty nice looking gun mages on horseback.

The cost of the unit is 59.99- much more reasonable. Something to note- this is a plastic and white metal kit. With cav units that I’ve used from other companies, I would expect this to mean that the horses are plastic and the riders are metal.

With that in mind, I’m sure we’ll soon be seeing Khadoran, Protectorate and Retribution riders for these same horse minis.

And who knows? Maybe even mercenary players will see light cav this time around.

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