Malifaux 2nd Edition Public Beta is up

So, like many wargamers, I spent some time this weekend looking over the new Malifaux rules.

Yes, this second edition has come sooner than we would have liked, but honestly it looks like they’ve kicked it out of the park with this one.

I haven’t playtested the minis yet to see how the balance has changed- and let’s face it, some Malifaux characters were over powered before.

But it looks like there have been some pretty significant improvements overall. And maybe more importantly, they’ve kept the core of what Malifaux is about- character driven skirmishes over resources and objectives. Only, it looks like they’ve made it more-so than ever (and their artwork is as creepy as ever).

There are simply too many changes to name here, so you should probably go and have a look for yourself.

And as this is a public beta, go ahead and send them feedback. They’re asking for it, after all.

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