If you’re like me, then you probably follow a lot of miniatures Kickstarters- sometimes just to see how well they do (or don’t do).  I’m always excited to see new projects that look good- especially if the minis look really wonderful and original.

One of the brighter ones I’ve had my eye on is Wrath of Kings. I was told that the developers are a bunch of old boys from Rackam- and I think it shows in the style of the minis- very much like the best of Confrontation.

It is nice to see such a nice miniatures line starting up.  The Kickstarter seems to be going quite well for them, and they’re now entering the last stretch.

Here are some photos I took at Gencon.  I’m particularly fond of the crazy gnome riding a berzerker pig man.  I’m excited to see this setting get fleshed out with more minis.