Well, I’ve been excited about Relic Knights for a good long while now.  We’ve just seen the production miniatures on the Kickstarter, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that we’ll not be seeing these minis soon.
By the way, I’ve painted the resin version of Sebastian Cross, and I honestly can’t see any differences in the picture that they have.  I might be able to find some slight roundness if I scrutinize them closely in person, but I can’t tell for sure.  It looks like they’re doing good work with this.
Of course, I’ve been anxious to get my hands on these since well before the Kickstarter’s delivery date.  I suppose that’s the trouble with Kickstarters in general- we end up seeing all of the set backs on the production end.  Before, we’d just find out when the product is actually being released and that’d be it.  We wouldn’t know that they were late, or that they had planned on having more minis at the release and such.
I’m pretty sure that the Wrath of Kings Kickstarter held back on adding loads of new minis to their range simply because new minis adds a lot of time to the production.  I wonder if I’ll get my awesome pig sculpts on time.
Anyway, at Gencon, they had quite a few new minis that we haven’t seen before- including the one they had unassembled in their update: