Charsaug, Colossal Magma Dragon

A few years ago, I decided to run an Iron Kingdoms D20 campaign in which our characters were all epic giants (from Bemoth) who were fighting against the godlike dragons that the world features.

It took me a while to find dragon minis that were big enough to be IK dragons- they’re all larger than Colossal sized D&D dragons.

I eventually found three figures that I used. The first two were statues that I got from an Asian Gift store near here (repainting statues from there’s become a habit of mine). They were very large, and not terribly expensive.

But I wanted one of them to be truly special, so I ordered Viszeralyn, the Oracle dragon- a massive two foot tall dragon sculpted in fine detail by veteran Sandra Garrity.

Well, it turns out that all of that detail is pretty intimidating a project. And wanting it to be special, and this massive helps me to put off painting it for a while.

While the mini did come out to play a part in the Giants campaign, it was simply primed at the time.

But now, after a number of false starts, I finally have him finished. I decided to go with one of my favorite Iron Kingdoms dragons for the color scheme:

So, here is Charsaug.

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