The Forgotten King Kickstarts

Well, I’ve been a pretty avid fan of Super Dungeon Explore for a while now (my wife has commented that it is our prettiest game).

Right now, Soda Pop Miniatures have split with their publisher and are Kickstarting a new stand-alone expansion called The Forgotten King. It also features a new edition of the game rules, and a host of new minis.

And there’s a chibi version of Kingdom Death’s Twighlight Knight. She’s adorable.

Now, I figure I need to post up a picture along with this post. While I could use one of the pictures of the new minis from the Kickstarter, I’ve got quite a few Super Dungeon minis that need posting. So here is my Von Drak. He’s not part of the Kickstarter, but he’ll totally kill all of those new heroes at some point.

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