Ok, the line between small toys and minis has always been a little blurry for me. I first started my foray into miniatures painting the Monster in my Pockets werewolf.

And I’ve always loved Legos. Some friends of mine once started playing a miniatures game using Legos (to this day, I’m not totally sure where the rules set came from).

I often look at the variety of Legos and wish they’d had Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Halo Legos when I was younger. I’m a little ashamed that I’d never even thought about how absolutely amazing Munckhin Cthulhu would be.

Munchkin Bricks glow in the dark!

And they come in glow in the dark, too! I mean, who is ever going to recover from how awesome this is?

They’re not official Legos, but like the Halo set, they’ll fit in with any other Lego-like bricks you may already have.

And really, who doesn’t want a Munckinomicon?