Converted Iron Kingdoms RPG Party

So, I’m a miniatures guy, and I have a weekly RPG group. I generally love converting minis for our whole party.

I don’t always get to do the whole thing, because there are other players who also love to convert and paint minis. This time around, however, I got to do a mini for each party member.

We’re big fans of the Iron Kingdoms, so these are all characters from that setting.

Ogrun Alchemist/Artillerist
This is our Skilled Ogrun Artillerist/Alchemist. The mini started out life as a Reaper Bones orc. His cannon was made from a Citadel missile.

Gobber Man at Arms/Duelist
This is our Mighty Gobber Man at Arms/Duelist. He started life as a Reaper Bones female dwarf- he had his head and breastplate completely re-sculpted.

Human Priest of Cyrris/Arcanist
This is our human Priest of Cyrris/Arcanist. He was converted less than the others- I altered the hair and ears, and changed the knife in his hand into a tunning device.

Human with complex story riding a unique dragonspawn
This is our most complex character. She is riding on a unique dragonspawn. I took Ruby (from Studio McVey) and got rid of the scales on the raptor, and added a little to his head plate so that his eyes would be covered.

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