Reaper Miniatures enters the Chibi market

Chibi miniatures have been making a big splash in the gaming world ever since Soda Pop first showed off their Super Dungeon minis at Gencon.

Since then, they’ve grown into a whole style of miniatures that strongly contradicts the Grim and/or Dark traditions that so many miniature lines follow.

I mean, they’re just so dang cute!

Clearly, chibis have been spreading a lot. We’ve seen Impact! miniatures enter the fray with their inexpensive lineup (that features some outstanding Ponies) and Coolmini bring some caricature style to the medium, we’re starting to see Chibis turn from a style used by one game into a style used across the board with a strong variety of different sculpts available.

Reaper’s been selling their Bonesylvanian throughout October. The current set available are three adorable vampires (the ones shown here were painted by Rhonda Bender).

Reaper's Chibi Vampires

And- from the sound of it, these are going to be minis that we’ll see again in about a year- just not in metal.

I’m so excited to see Reaper make some Bones Chibis. The medium seems perfect for them, and I’ve really loved painting up the bones minis I have from them already.

I know this is the end of the limited run for these ones, but I’m super excited to see more chibis from them.

– Here’s hoping we get to see some official Pathfinder chibis. And more Chibi Sophies, like this one (also painted by Rhonda)

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