Gencon Stuff- part 1- Ninja Division and Super Dungeon Explore!

Ok, there was an awful lot to see at Gencon, and some booths had so much stuff that I had to take some time.


Ninja Division’s booth has a lot going on- loads of new things for Relic Knights and plenty of Alien vs. Predator stuff to oggle.


Sodapop Relic 1



There’s a new spaceship battles game set in Dropzone Commander setting (Hawk Wargames shares the Ninja Division booth)



Sodapop had some playable demos of the upcoming Super Dungeon Tactics game.  In fact, if you bought an Iron Golem mini from them (which I did) you got a steam key for the game along with it.

The game plays appropriately similar to other Tactical RPGs- although there is a pvp mode in addition to the campaign.  Though I prefer minis to pixels, I must admit it was pretty great to see Rex start dancing after he had vanquished the last hero.


They had a preview for the upcoming Super Dungeon Arena expansion.  It will feature two heroes- one of whom will have a large axe and bunny ears:
spm 2

The box will also contain boards and rules for fighting super dungeon heroes and monsters in a head to head miniatures game.

They also announced that they’ll be hosting the very first Chibi-only painting competition at next year’s Gencon.  The event is called the Golden Kobold.  They made sure to tell us that all Chibi minis are welcome- so if you prefer Scale 75, Impact!, Coolmini or your own scratchbuilt chibis, they can also be entered.

golden kobold


There were loads of sculpts from the Legends Kickstarter.  Some of them were larger than I expected- especially the orc with the crossbow:


spm 4

Sodapop sde 5

sodapop sde 7

This is the rage fiend.  I’m sure he’s ready to crack some skulls.

And there were great looking dark elves as well:


spm 1

Sodapop sde 6

Sodapop sde 2


Sodapop SDE 1


And humans too

Sodapop spm 3

sodapop sde 8

Sodapop spm 4


And that was just one booth.

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