This is big news to me. Games Workshop has licensed Ninja Division to create board and card games based on Games Workshop properties.

They’re starting out with a card game in which players play as dwarf slayers competing to see who dies with the most glory. Very Old World.

But speculation crops up quickly- Ninja Division are well known for making brilliant Chibi miniatures (I have some of their fantastic Rail Raiders in front of my right now). And they’ve recently started fleshing out their crossover lineup. So far, they’ve done crossovers with Kingdom Death, Mutant Chronicles and three of NJ’s own properties (Takaoshi University, Relic Knights and Way of the Fighter).

It would be a terrible shame if they don’t make a few chibi minis based on Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar.

So here are a few minis that I really think would make great Chibis:

Most things Nurgle would be great in chibi form. This guy’s a good example, but so would some plague bearers

Ok, I’m probably wrong about the horrors. I love Tzeentch, but to be honest, he’s got such a huge head that he’s probably already chibi enough:

Maybe it’d be better to go with a Lord of Change

On the 40k front, I’ve always been fond of Harlequins

And Space wolves. Ragnar Blackmane used to be the poster boy for the chapter, but recently it has moved more towards Logan Grimnar

From the Eldar, it would be a shame to miss out on Eldrad Ulthuan

And Chibi Genestealers would be so amAZing

Honestly, the possibilities of this are crazy. Games Workshop has been expanding their worlds with iconic characters for years and years- Ninja Division have plenty to work with.