The Hand of the King Chibi

This is my ‘conversion’ of Kingdom Death’s monster “the Hand” in chibi form.

I put those quotation marks there because I’m not sure at what point I’m crossing a line between conversion and original sculpt. I started out with a Tanchyo Yajiri:

I cut and reposed the legs, hollowed out the head to sculpt the brain and crown, and sculpted the helmet over the remains of the head. I was planning to use those ears for the crown, but it didn’t work out, so they got removed completely.

I also removed his arms and resculpted them completely. I sculpted the cape, and added the sword from another Kingdom Death mini.

I was planning on keeping the breastplate, but in the end I cut it out and re-sculpted the whole thing.

In the end, only a small portion of his pants and belt came from the original mini. I basically just had an elaborate armature underneath there.

I entered him into Reapercon’s Open competition, and he got a gold medal.

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