Chibi Disciple of the Witch (Capsule Chibi)

In my quest to create all things Chibi Kingdom Death, once in a while, there’s a minis that just fits as is. Such as this fantastic tribute to Kingdom Death’s Flower Witch Disciple sculpted by Heriberto Valle of Capsule Chibi.

Capsule Chibi creates files for 3D printing, so I had mine printed by Impact! Miniature. When I ordered her, I really expected to need to put in some work to get the surfaces smooth (since most 3D printed minis require some work like that).

I was very surprised that the printed surfaces were more like a resin cast of the mini than a 3D print- all the surfaces came out smooth. I didn’t have to do any prep work aside from construct her base. For anyone considering getting 3D printed minis, I highly recommend Impact’s services.

Impact! is even running the Lost Minis Kickstarter right now in which they’ll be making 3D prints of miniatures that never saw the light of day (either because their Kickstarters failed, or other reasons).

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