Chibi Alt Nether Elves

At some point, the folks at Soda Pop Miniatures decided to create alternate stats for some of their core box monsters.

They started off with alternates that really just change the color schemes (so we have purple and blue kobolds rather than just the red ones) but they eventually started altering the core concepts more and more.

When they created alternate profiles for the Nether Elves, it seemed clear to me that there was no way the different look was going to be accomplished by simply changing up the color scheme.

So I went about converting them from various Ninja All Stars minis that I had. As a result, I now have chibi Pirate elves of Clocker’s Cove and chibi Desert elves of the Arcadian Dunes.

The leader (center) was intentionally made to look a bit like a Gerudo from Zelda
The archers were some of the easier conversions, since desert robes are close to ninja robes
For the Pirate elves, I pulled a bit of inspiration from Warhammer
The pirate crossbowmen were fairly simple conversions made from head swaps

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